Passing your Driving Test: Here are some easy ways to fail

Nervous driving instructorAfter going to all that effort to take EDT driving lessons and prepare for your driver theory test, it is amazing how many people will not pass their driving test for the silliest of reasons.

How many people? Well at least 1,900 of them in one year according to a recent Road Safety Authority (RSA) report (pdf).  In many cases candidates present without having completed their minimum Essential Driver Training programme or at least that the RSA has not been notified that they have.

Additionally candidates that use their own cars for the driving test, need to make sure that everything is in safe working order.  For example common causes of candidates not being able to even start their tests are vehicle defects e.g.

*    Broken lenses

*    Indicators / Brake lights not working

*    Warning lights showing engne faults

“Where a test is not conducted for any of the above reasons, it is not only a waste of money for the candidate, but also a wasted opportunity to allocate the test slot to another candidate.”  – RSA statement


Another little tip is to make sure your car (and indeed yourself!)  is clean – particularly around where the driving test examiner will be seated.   Driving test examiners are supposed to be coldly objective about rating your driving skills, but it does no harm to show them the respect of making them feel comfortable to travel with you!

(You can hire a car for your driving test by contacting Dublin Driving School at 087-25 40 40 7)

Needless to say too, make sure you turn up with your L-Plates displayed and with an accompanying driver as per the law.   Many, many people do not and consequently forfeit their test fee.

Final Checks for your Driving Test:

I have embedded a very useful RSA leaflet below for your convenience.   Best of luck!