Motorway Driving: Road Safety Authority issue new guide

Chairman of Road Safety Authority“A few lessons with an ADI* will give you the skills you need to feel confident when driving on a motorway or roundabout. Your local ADI will explain the rules, give you some practice sessions and equip you to use motorways and roundabouts with confidence. Money well spent and what better gift than the gift of some special lessons to make someone a safer driver,’

– Noel Brett, Chairman of the Road Safety Authority

*An ADI is an approved driving instructor, qualified and registered with the RSA.

For those learning to drive, the prospect of eventually driving on motorways can seem a bit daunting.   The reality is that driving on motorways is statistically safer per kilometre covered than most other types of road networks.

There are over 5,515 kms of roads in the country with  a fifth of them (1,187km) being motorways.   The Road Safety Authority has launched an advertising campaign on TV, Radio and social media to encourage safe driving practices on motorways with a particular focus on learner drivers.

There have been a noticeable increase in incidents of drivers going the wrong way around roundabouts (of which there are many on Ireland’s road network) driving on the hard shoulder or  even going against traffic flows.

The RSA have also produced a booklet guide (which I have embedded below) which I recommend as part of you preparation before you hit the highway!