Issue of EDT logbooks to learners

The following messge was issued by the RSA to ADI’s (instructors) but could easily be applicable to learner drivers.

Dear ADI

It has been reported that some ADI’s are holding onto learners EDT logbooks and not issuing them to the learner duly completed at the end of the first EDT lesson.  Whilst the vast majority do issue and complete them correctly, a small number are reported as holding onto them perhaps unaware of the need to issue it to their clients.

To avoid any confusion I write to clarify the requirements:

At the end of the first EDT lesson (at the latest) the ADI follows the normal practice of providing verbal feedback then completes the appropriate sections of the EDT logbook.  Once the relevant pages have been completed stamped and signed the ADI detaches the Instructors copy of the relevant lesson page and hands the logbook to the learner reminding them of the value and importance of the self analysis pages.

By encouraging the completion of this section ADI’s  help learners to remain focussed on their learning between lessons.  Studying their comments will help ADI’s to adapt their lesson plan and or teaching style to ensure  more effective lessons in the future.

As you go through the recommended actions after each EDT lesson it is important to encourage the use of a sponsor.  ADI’s can check to see how the practice sessions are going and address any concerns that may have arisen during those sessions.

The main thing to remember is that the EDT logbook must be given to the learner and not retained by their ADI.  EDT lesson records should then be loaded up onto the RSA EDT system via the EDT Portal.

If you have any queries in relation to this or any other aspect of EDT please contact your local ADI Examiner directly.