Bad Start to Road Safety 2013

It has not been a good start to 2013 for road safety. 30 lives tragically cut short, 19 drivers, 2 passengers, 6 pedestrians, 2 motorcyclists and 1 cyclist. All avoidable deaths and a reason for each life needlessly lost. I’m asking every road user to set their own personal target to return to the life-saving behaviour they have shown over the last number of years. I’ve said before that the greatest risk we now face daily, when using the roads, is complacency. Using the roads is still the most dangerous thing we do every day irrespective of age. We need to remember this, whether driving, cycling or walking.


As of 18th February 2013, 30 people have been killed on Irish roads, 12 more than this date last year.


Of the 30 killed, 19 alone have been drivers (63%) and 6 have been pedestrians (20%)


There have been 8 fatalities in the past 7 days.

Fatalities to date 18/2/13

Pedestrians 6

Drivers 19

Passengers 2

Motorcyclists 2

Pedal Cyclist 1