Correct Website to book a test

Dear ADI

We are writing to advise you and your customers that we have a concern about a number of websites that offers a booking service for the Driver Theory and Practical tests on the island of Ireland.

This website has a high “Ad word” ranking on Internet search engines (Google etc.) and can be found at the top in the advertised sites relating to RSA searches.

These sites charges a commission of €25 per test. The driving test fee that your candidates should be paying is set by the Minister for Transport at  €85.

Please advise your customers to only book their driving test through the official RSA website links available at .

The Official site is shown below.



We have initiated measures to limit the ability of these sites but ask that you advise your customers not to use these service providers. The RSA official site is quicker and easier to use and allows test date and time selection in certain test centres.