Bank Holiday Weekend Safety

Garda – Traffic Press Release – May Bank Holiday Weekend 2013.
As we head into the May Bank Holiday, we must take note that tragically, 64 people have lost their lives on Irish roads to date. This is 13 more than this date last year. To reverse this increase in fatalities, An Garda Síochána and the Road Safety Authority appeal to all road users to exert maximum care on the roads over the coming days, and in particular, to the large numbers who will be travelling to various parts of the country. Reducing your speed, wearing your seatbelt, not drinking and driving, being alert and concentrating fully on the task of driving, are all proven lifesavers.

Vehicle users are reminded there will be significant enforcement activity over the coming days, targeting all road traffic breaches and in particular the key lifesaver offences.

The milder weather has brought about an increase in motorcycle traffic in recent weeks, and sadly this has been reflected in the number of fatal road traffic collisions involving motorcycles. The number of motorcycle fatalities has doubled from 3 to 6 in the past four weeks alone.

With this in mind this Bank Holiday will focus in particular on motorcyclists. We ask all motorcyclists to make sure they are visible and always ride responsibly. We also ask other drivers to specifically look out for them.

Whether you are an all year round motorcyclist, or are now taking your motorcycle out after being in storage for the winter, the basics remain the same. You must wear appropriate protective clothing and ensure your helmet is correctly secured. Trainers and jeans offer little protection in the event of a collision or contact with the road. Make yourself as visible as possible with the aid of a high visibility vest or bib and ride with your dipped headlights on. This ensures you are doing everything you can to be seen by others. Whether it’s a commute or leisure ride, be aware that more than half of motorcycle fatal collisions since 2011 have happened on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, typically 12pm-6pm.


Mr. Leo Varadkar, Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport said today:-

“Bank holidays provide everyone with a well-deserved break, but road safety is one area where none of us can afford to take our eyes off the ball. I urge everyone travelling this weekend, whether for pleasure or work, to be vigilant. There is a long litany of tragic accidents on bank holiday weekends. Motorcyclists should be especially vigilant as there have been several bad accidents this year. Let’s all try to ensure that this coming weekend is one of the safest yet.”

Assistant Commissioner Gerard Phillips added:-

“We must reverse the increase in fatalities we are currently facing so we appeal to all road users to always concentrate 100% when on the road. For those that may be travelling for this bank holiday, we want them to do so safely, so please remember the basics of reducing speed, wearing seatbelts, never drinking and driving, being alert and concentrating fully on what you are doing. Coupled with this there will be significant enforcement activity targeting non-compliant vehicles users. Together we can make the roads safer for all”