New Driving Licence Applications

This short note is to update you on Driving Licence Change Programme.

As and from 25 October 2013 Motor Tax Offices will stop accepting new applications for Driving Licences and Learner Permits however, they will be responsible for processing all applications they have by that date; while they wont be open to the public in the weeks after 25/10/2013  they will clear any existing backlogs.

From 29/10/2013 the new National Driving Licence Service will be open for business and at locations around the country NDLS offices will be open (details of locations )

Any person taking out a new licence or permit, renewing an existing licence or adding categories etc will have to go to the NDLS Office to have a photo and signature taken. This needs to be done only once as subsequent transactions can use the existing photo and signature and phone or postal contact to the NDLS Back Office will suffice.

Lots more information can be seen atthe dedicated website for the new licence